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On a positive note, this will almost certainly end the TV career of Jon Cryer. What critics said: " A dopey comedy deserves a dopey assessment: Tucker sucks. Please make it go away.

Lines We Cross

The fat-shaming, such that it even exists, is brief and nowhere nearly as harmful as the middling idiocy of the entire effort. That's my review and also a scolding: If you're watching this, you really need better things to do. What critics said: " You won't see any worse acting across the broadcast spectrum.

The women-in-peril scenes are vile.

Why Once Upon a Time season 7 hasn't worked

The writing is atrocious. The series is horrifically bad. What critics said: " It could have been the funniest show in the world, if there was a nuclear war, really, and this was the only one show left. What critics said: "Bad sitcom, bad. What critics said : "The calamities and catastrophes occur with such frequency and ferocity that, yes, indeed, 'Apocalypse What critics said: " Instead of just creating the horror show that is 12 women competing for a man, it chooses also to play them for fools.

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What critics said: " This wretched show not only features a lead character who is an unredeemable nitwit but dialogue that manages to be leaden, preposterous and pretentious all at once. What critics said: " Now, you may be saying, 'There he goes again, that elitist toad. What critics said: "It just isn't funny. At all. What critics said : "This is a show that could bury the [sitcom] genre altogether.

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The Puritan Twins. In the Garden ABC. In Town ABC. Storm of Dancerwood. The Lion's Own Story. Click here to see a list of these books; click on the book image to see its page. Keywords: chromolithograph death horses legends panoramas princes Russian history. Keywords: collies dogs.