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Annie was just there, always, as rooted to the market as the cobblestones. Five years ago, when the city pried the year-old fish market from Lower Manhattan and moved it to Hunts Point in the Bronx , Annie came with it, at first, often paying for a ride from her home, somewhere in Manhattan. The men would sometimes see her in a corner, huddled against herself, sleeping.

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A few weeks ago, word spread among the fishmongers: South Street Annie, also known as Shopping Cart Annie, also known as their Annie, had died. She was Her given name was Gloria Wasserman. WHEN someone dies, the rest of us cobble together old photographs, faint remembrances and snippets of things once said to make sense of the life lived. It is folly, but it is what we do.

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The father, Pincus, found work as a tailor; the mother, Sadie, was a homemaker. Together they fretted over their only daughter. Fleck said. Very beautiful and very spunky. A portrait from the mids shows Ms.

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Wasserman in pearls, her dark hair swept up and sculpted, her expression that of a confident starlet waiting to be discovered. Wasserman met an ex-soldier named Fred Fleck, who planned to bicycle to Alaska , where he would attend college on the G. He suggested that she accompany him. The front page of the Sept. She plans to get a job in Fairbanks, possibly as an entertainer. After that, details get blurry. Wasserman married Mr.

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Fleck, gave birth to Barbara in , and broke up with Mr. She lived a bicoastal life, it seems, working in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest — running a bar, then a record store — but returning to New York often to visit and provide financial support for her widowed mother, who by now was raising Barbara. Wasserman married a second time, to a man named Grinols, and gave birth to two sons. Then, after this marriage broke down, she had a relationship that produced another daughter, Robin, in During these years, and in the many that followed, Ms. Fleck often had no idea what her mother did for a living.

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Fleck, who lives in Los Angeles. At some point, Ms.

We pray for clarity, truth and the protection of children in this dire situation. Children deserve the protection of adults in culture. This event is not in the interest of the public you serve… Shame on you. Of course, Annie Christ did that routine for an adult audience — not a library room full of kids. By the same logic, no actor who has performed in an R-rated movie should ever be allowed to read Curious George to a group of children.

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And, full disclosure, my own drag queen-fronted band The Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret had its appearance at a South Jersey child care center canceled after some concerns that a man in a dress was going to read Dr. The original Poro College, established in St. Louis, included a manufacturing plant, theater, dormitory, chapel, laundry service, dining hall and rooftop garden among other amenities. Black beauticians came from across the country for instruction in black hair and skin care, training that would provide them with the foundation to establish their own beauty care businesses.

Courses including coaching on how to walk, talk and dress for work.

It was incomparable. The atmosphere is one of commercial striving, endeavor and promise.


The Poro Block was eventually demolished, erasing the most tangible tie to Malone. Meanwhile, in her adopted home of Chicago, where Malone died in , the one-time tycoon is all but forgotten. Yet just like Malone, Lewis got her start experimenting with formulas in her own kitchen.