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The means of separation…. Gaea , Greek personification of the Earth as a goddess.

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Mother and wife of Uranus Heaven , from whom the Titan Cronus, her last-born child by him, separated her, she was also mother of the other Titans, the Gigantes, the Erinyes, and the Cyclopes see giant; Furies; Cyclops. Creation myth, philosophical and theological elaboration of the primal myth of creation within a religious community.

The term myth here refers to the imaginative expression in narrative form of what is experienced or apprehended as basic reality see also myth. The term creation refers to the…. History at your fingertips.

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The quirks and nuances of this relationship is explored through a cacophonous world of shapes, colours and textures. The unfolding of the piece reflects a desire to be able to relive that moment endlessly, in slow motion, as if bathed in the brand-new memory of light. The sound of breath alone gradually expands into a universe of vibrant sound and colour, and the core ensemble of musicians is augmented by echoes of themselves, ghosts of prior performances and imagined futures.

Light for the First Time — film by Sam James The idea for this film was to respond with reflections of abstracted light to build a precognitive, experiential sequence of light objects which could perhaps be the subconscious perception of an unborn child. The further I went into this process, the more I strived to create phenomenological states of feeling that did not define the outside world, which was quite difficult.

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This is an attempt to create pre-figurative imagery without any conception of the infinite phenomena of the material world. It is like being in a bubble of pure perception without reflexivity. In fact, they are the most resilient animal known to exist. Besides their talent for survival, this animal is also fascinating from a purely physical standpoint.

Alongside the live ensemble, the work features a backing track consisting of pre-recorded, highly manipulated sounds made by the performers on stage, in-studio. Jem Savage was an important collaborator on this soundscape and the voice of Miroslav Bukovsky a Canberra based trumpet player recites the text.

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That is, it was edited together from a personal database, primarily of hand processed 16mm images, shot over a period from to the present day. Shot, as they were in solitude, coaxed slowly and in darkness out of a chemical soup.