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Please welcome Lincoln Crisler to The Qwillery.

The Book of 1 Chronicles (KJV) read by Alexander Scourby

Skinjumper is out today from Ragnarok Publications. The Inspiration Behind Skinjumper. About Lincoln. While Thursday seemed as crowded as Saturday for the first time, it never felt too crowded. Of course that observation may be due to my new walking-through-the-crowds mantra - "all these people assure that NYCC will be back next year!

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The literary track was amazing this year as you can see from the photos below and those are not all of the photos. If you are a fan of any form of speculative fiction, you really should make an effort to go to at least one NYCC if possible. Tickets disappear quickly so follow NYCC on Twitter or subscribe to their email list so you know when sales start.

The tickets really go fast. Even focusing on authors and books I could not see everyone I wanted to see especially since we did a lot of video interviews, which we will be rolling out shortly.

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Everyone else is done with their coverage by now. I had a fabulous and exhausting time and have picked up some goodies for giveaways not only to celebrate NYCC, but The Qwillery's 6th Anniversary, and our over 1,, pageviews. So why are so many of these authors holding a wooden pumpkin? You may click on the images to embiggen.

This is why: we are giving away the pumpkin along with copies of the photos in a black scrapbook and some other items. This is just 1 of 3 giveaways.

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Melanie's Week in Review - November 23, Welcome to winter! I feel for those of you who have had been suffering from all the snow. It has finally started to feel like winter here in the UK well apart from Saturday. It has been a murky week to have as annual leave and consequently I didn't manage to read very much. So what did I read?

Posted by Melanie at AM 0 comments. His A Different Kingdom starts off in rural Ireland sometime in the s, after the Second World War, and while Ireland is deeply divided along religious lines between the Catholics and the Protestants. Much of Ireland is still farmland or unsettled wilderness. Modern luxuries such as mechanized farm equipment and motorcars are few and far between.

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It was a time of transition, and as such, a terrific environment to set his coming-of-age story for Michael Fay. Michael Fay is an orphan whose parents were killed as collateral damage in a bombing in Belfast. At the start of the book, he is about six years old. The opening chapter focuses on his extended family -- the grandparents who run the farm, his uncle who is eager to take over running the farm, two aunts, various cousins, and any number of field hands who work the land around the homestead.

However, in the middle of the first section, Kearney introduces an older Michael with his lover, Cat, fleeing for their lives in a world distinctly different from the placid farmlands where he played as a child. Then the story cuts back to the young boy who discovers that past the river that separates the fields from the forest is an Other Place, more wild and mysterious than his everyday life.

From there, the story jaunts to an even older Michael, living alone in a city as a bartender and trying to forget the magic that once surrounded him. Kearney continues to intertwine the three narratives back and forth, rather than tell his tale simply from start to finish. While it seemed a little startling at first, I came to enjoy wandering around with Michael at various ages and trying to put together the pieces of his life in some straight line.

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It was almost impossible to do, which may seem unsettling, but actually worked the way that Kearney presented it. Juggling timelines and locations just added to the overall mystery of the story. Kearney has a terrific eye for detail, and his descriptions are extremely well done, painting vivid pictures of his characters and their environments. This story is almost dreamlike in its telling. The language is lyrical, and the action is raw. I definitely enjoyed A Different Kingdom , although it was not an easy novel to read. It requires a reader to take it in great chunks.

For someone like me who bounces between two or three books at a time, I had to focus all my attention on this one, but it was well worth the investment. Panama fever: the epic story of one of the greatest human achievements of all time--the building of the Panama Canal. Patti LaBelle's lite cuisine: over dishes with to-die-for taste made with to-live-for recipes. Five great novels.

The three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. Martian time-slip. Do Androids dream of electric sheep?. A scanner darkly. The everything Chinese cookbook: from wonton soup to sweet and sour chicken -- succulent recipes from the Far East. As the men she works for come closer to achieving their goals, her visions intensify to a nightmarish pitch, and she eventually risks everything to question those in power, putting her own physical and mental health in jeopardy.

Inspired by the classic Greek myth, this 20th century reimagining of Cassandra's story is based on a real WWII compound that the author researched meticulously. This novel is full of magic and hope, even while it brings up to the light some of our darkest past.

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Fraternal twin brothers Darryl and Kanga are just like any other teenagers trying to make it through high school. They have to deal with peer pressure, awkwardness, and family drama. A perfectly weird and weirdly perfect novel. At turns endearing, funny, and imaginative, while always well written and always with weight. I predict great things for this book and the man who wrote it.

A reminder that some stories feel good to read, even while addressing the big stuff. I love it. The Obsoletes is a thought-provoking coming-of-age novel about two human-like teen robots navigating high school, basketball, and potentially life-threatening consequences if their true origins are discovered by the inhabitants of their intolerant s Michigan hometown.