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Our version has a hint of cardamom is and the dough turned with a high fat-content butter. The video will show you the how and the recipe below will give the specifics. Ingredients 70g fresh yeast ml cold whole milk g bread flour g cake flour 50g granulated sugar 1 tsp salt 1 tsp cardamom 50g beurre en pommade softened butter 2 eggs g butter. Procedure Combine all dry ingredients and cut in the beurre en pommade until completely incorporated. Roll the dough into a rectangle twice the size and cover half of it with the butter. Fold the dough to make an envelope and since the edges.

Chill for an hour before shaping into the desired pastry. Bake at F until golden brown. View Menu Order Online Our dear Danish. However, Dyrehaven is also the venue to several large events ever year. The two biggest events are differently the E-run and the Hubertusjagt. The E-run is a short for the Eremitage-run which is a The route is laid out throughout the entire park where the runners are passing by the large Eremitage plain Eremitagesletten and the Eremitage palace where there is a wonderful view over Oresund Eastern sea.

The event is taken place in fall and has been held each year since Over the years more than , people have completed the run, which is properly one of the most beautiful runs in Denmark. The run is very popular and for many of the participants it is great tradition. It is also a run where many people are showing up just to watch and cheer.

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Another very popular annually activity at The Deer Park is the Hubertusjagt which is a modern version of the old Drag hunting where a scent was dragged over a course, typically in natural environments like a forest. The Hubertusjagt is a long ride, typically about 15 kilometers 9 miles which includes about 30 smaller barriers or obstacles. Most of these obstacles are hurdles which the horses must jump. However, the most popular obstacle of the competition is the place where all the contestants has to go through a pond, which is called Magasindammen or The Magasin Pond in English.

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The pond is about cm inch deep and filled with cold water and mud. Usually one or more riders fall of their horses into the water — which is properly what all the spectators are hoping for. The race takes place annually on the first Sunday in November and depending on the weather up to 40, people are spectating the race throughout the entire forest and enjoying all the horses and the beautiful, and very colorful, forest.

About riders are participating in the contest, where are adult riders and about 30 are pony riders. The race takes several hours including breaks — so there are good opportunities to move around in the forest and to see different parts of the race.

14 Unforgettably Flaky Danish Pastries

The history of the race goes back to the year of and has taken place each year since. Old and Beautiful Trees Sources: naturstyrelsen.

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Lovely post! Netto is a cheap supermarket to get groceries there are several stores downtown.

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The photo about the fall day is just unbelievably beautiful! Great informative post; I linked it to it when writing about the new world heritage sites inscribed last month to the Unesco list.

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Hey Kim, This is a great pos!. I was wondering if it is allowed to bring dogs up to the park as well?

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Many thanks for this info. I love hikin and was looking for something to do for the weekend. Your blog is awesome. Thank you for posting this. I was there for 3 weeks last October and loved the city. I may have an opportunity to live there for a year or two next year! Your email address will not be published.