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First, some good news: The claim that insects will all be annihilated within the century is absurd. Some of them will make it.

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Any event sufficiently catastrophic to scour the world of insects would also render it inhospitable to other animal life. The sheer diversity of insects makes them, as a group, resilient—but also impossible to fully comprehend. There are more species of ladybugs than mammals, of ants than birds, of weevils than fish. There are probably more species of parasitic wasps than of any other group of animal. In total, about 1 million insect species have been described, and untold millions await discovery. Few researchers have kept running tallies on insect populations, aside from a smattering of species that are charismatic monarch butterflies , commercially important domesticated honeybees , or medically relevant some mosquitoes.

Society still has a lingering aversion toward creepy crawlies, and entomological research has long been underfunded. The basic business of documenting insect diversity has been comparatively neglected, a situation made worse by the decline of taxonomists—species-spotting scientists who, ironically, have undergone their own mass extinction. The German study, for example, collated data from traps that had been laid in different parts of the country over time, rather than from concerted attempts to systematically sample the same sites. Haphazard though such studies might be, many of them point in the same dispiriting direction.

This spotty geographical spread makes it hard to know if insects are disappearing from some areas but recovering or surging in others. This will result in collapsed ecosystems and the displacement of one billion people, according to the Melbourne-based Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration. The intriguing question, then, is why — despite the dire warnings and catastrophic consequences — are world leaders refusing to declare a climate emergency and take action on a war footing to reduce our risk of extinction?

The goalpost has never been clearer or the threat more imminent — and yet a business-as-usual scenario continues, even as our survival is basically running on life support at this point. The evidence continues to mount — with dire statistics on fresh water pollutants, antimicrobial resistant infections, air quality hazards and losses to businesses — but the much-needed transformative change is not visible on the horizon.

The pace of change is slow and the speed of global warming is gaining exponential momentum.

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So is it nature reclaiming its place, or an ordained event in the cycle of cosmic life? Or is it quite simply the folly of man and his pursuit of a development agenda that is short-lived in its success and doomed by its endless quest for more. The enemy is approaching fast and will show no mercy. Home Global news. Home Food scarcity. Business as usual as climate change takes us towards apocalypse by Ubuntu News. June 22, The immediate result of this footage was a two-reeler called Riot at Smelter , by all accounts a fairly lackluster story about the dangers of a localized labor strike.

For so long prophecy had been this thing that was written or yelled—preached, maybe—but Romaine wanted to act it out, pantomime and title cards and pyrotechnics, wanted everyone rapt in their seats as their eyeballs caught the beams of over an hour of futuristic destruction.

While most two-reel films were shot in just a few weeks, often only days, The Golden God would take months. Almost no one in America was making films longer than two or three reels. The motion picture was still a novelty, the investment in a feature film not worth the risk.

Theaters wanted to sell tickets every half hour, rather than have seats occupied for two hours by people who only paid once. But Romaine wanted audiences glued to their seats for ten or more reels of narrative, wanted at least one battle spanning multiple reels featuring tens of thousands of combatants. Romaine had found, at the foot of the Rockies, at the Western edge of the Great Plains, at the top of the High Desert, a landscape where the Western could finally evolve into the futuristic Apocalypse.

Through it all, Romaine stayed focused on his feature. A handful of American directors were increasingly experimenting with films that stretched up to or beyond an hour. A maudlin five-reel Civil War picture had been released in May, to lukewarm reviews. And DW Griffith was shooting a four-reel feature in California. This footage would presumably act as characterization for the labor class, seen as strong and organized in their hours of leisure, as in their hours of toil.

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  4. The gathering of many people is always the first step when orchestrating apocalypse. They enlisted the local police, the Elks Club, the Las Vegas Fire Company, the NM state constabulary, the National Guard, anyone and everyone he met, people of all classes and ethnicities. Over ten thousand, by some reports. They gathered guns and cars. Almost no one in New Mexico had seen an airplane. Romaine obsessed over every detail that would add up to the illusion of the future. Just as he'd dragged his whole company to New Mexico to capture the essence of his modern Westerns, he was trying to, gun-by-gun and costume-by-costume, drag his whole company into the future to capture the essence of The Golden God.

    And Now, the Weather: Mars-like, With a Chance of Apocalypse

    Day after day, for weeks, they gathered everyone around Hotel Romaine and went on with getting on with directing the end of the world. Eleanor packed guns into her skirts for her role as the film's heroine. He ran back and forth, gazing into the lens, letting the lens gaze into him as he played the evil, conquering capitalist. He was auteur and oligarch, conducting what would be among the greatest technical feats in the area until, three decades later, atop an extinct volcano just 60 miles west, scientists began to build an atomic bomb.

    Crowds at filming of The Golden God , The Las Vegas Optic, Nov. Those who witnessed the staging of the pageant or who participated in it could not help feeling as though they were part of a real instead of a motion-fiction drama. Church Street, on the West side, usually quiet and almost deserted, was transferred into the battling place of humanity against organized wealth… The street is narrow and flanked on either side by houses. The roofs of these buildings were covered with men and boys armed with hand grenades, while the thoroughfare itself was filled with men brandishing bludgeons and other primitive weapons.

    Eventually, through consolidation of global industry, Power makes himself a global dictator. Richin Manlove is a journalist assigned to cover the growing unrest with Power, but Manlove soon becomes the spokesperson for the labor revolution.

    Myton Power, unable to murder his own daughter, orders his forces to retreat. There is little doubt that despite all the explosives and the futuristic planes and war automobiles and the ten thousand extras battling it out, the truest sense of apocalypse and dystopia and, ultimately, reconciliation, were pulled by Romaine from the land. That was his calling card, after all: a country as bizarre as the man himself.

    We know for sure that Romaine filmed atop Hermit Peak, a 10, foot behemoth looming west of town, made famous by an Italian monk who spent the Civil War years living and meditating in a tiny cave at the summit. From there, looking back toward Las Vegas, Romaine could have captured the green forest disappearing into the darkness of Gallinas Canyon, and beyond the darkness, an almost white plain stretching toward Tucumcari. Imagine the forces of labor coming across that plain, thousands of actual miners and factory workers and farmers excused from work for the holiday, paid one dollar to act as extras, to brandish their primitive weapons and charge toward the airplane, war automobiles, and turrets of a futuristic capitalist army.

    And imagine all of this chaos packing into and slithering through the streets. Cast and crew of The Golden God , She poses as a prostitute, seduces a king, and finally decapitates him. She leads a rebellion against her oligarch father, before reconciling with him in order to negotiate a lasting peace for the labor class.

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    This was the kind of heroine America needed, but would not get to see. The Golden God was likely meant to go head-to-head with Judith of Bethulia. Lubin had aggressively marketed the film for months. But there were problems. This was likely in response to criticism from the National Board of Censorship. The Golden God 's stunt aviation crew. In those days, the censorship board was largely made up of studio owners, or friends appointed by studio owners. They were, in other words, almost exclusively wealthy white men. And in a time when there were daily strikes in factories and mines nationwide, these businessmen were likely not keen to have the most expensive film ever made portray a worldwide labor uprising, led by a woman, no less.

    The censorship board records aren't complete, but I can tell you that I wish I could tell you more about the life and career of Eleanor Mason. Unfortunately, her life and career were not well documented.