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The Washington Post dives into the morass of public service federal student loan forgiveness. Legaltech News reports that " more law schools are beginning to offer students the opportunity to participate in online courses, potentially allowing candidates facing geographical or employment-related barriers to pursue a legal education," a trend which may help normalize remote working and virtual offices for lawyers. District Judge Leo T. Sorokin in Massachusetts dismissed a lawsuit against the fellows of Harvard College and the Harvard Law School Review that alleged that using race and gender-based affirmative-action policies when selecting students violates Titles VI and IX of the Education Amendments of The American Lawyer reports that " LeClairRyan confirmed Wednesday that it is winding down, saying dissolution of the firm is 'in the best interests of our clients, colleagues and creditors.

The American Lawyer speaks with five law firm diversity executives, asking them about the current events and diversity-related trends they are seeing.


The American Lawyer writes that generous parental leave benefits are now the new normal at Big Law, but notes that they remain underutilized, particularly among men. A law firm associate, writing for The Legal Intelligencer , writes about the benefits to young lawyers in finding and leaning on mentors for support. Julie Brush, writing for The Recorder , answers questions about lawyer searches that seem to take too long, and offers advice about how to accelerate the process. The ABA Journal reports that based on the latest report from the Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor Economic Index, " law firm productivity is dropping, driven by accelerated hiring that is driving the supply of lawyers higher than demand for their services.

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This Slaw post explores why it is important for the public that lawyers step up to recognize equality, diversity and inclusivity as core principles for their work. The latest What Great Law Schools Do blog post highlights a program at the University of Nebraska College of Law that gives third-year law students the opportunity to serve as guardians ad litem for children in Nebraska's child welfare system.

The American Lawyer reports that " The Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly report on the nation's employment situation found that the legal services industry, which includes lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries and other law-related professions, gained jobs in July for a total of 1,, This was by far the smallest gain in the professional and technical services sector. An attorney recruiting professional at Saul Ewing, writing for The Legal Intelligencer , discusses her firm's experience completing the Mansfield 2.

The Legal Intelligencer reports on law firm social media policies for their lawyers. Legaltech News reports that the American Bar Association has unveiled an online platform connecting pro bono attorneys with children in deportation proceedings.

Corporate Counsel reports on the results of the General Counsel Compensation Survey that found most GC salaries on the rise, with top tier numbers that are truly staggering. Above the Law. The National Jurist. Precedent JD in Canada reports that " this year, the hireback rate on Bay Street reached an all-time peak: 16 of the largest law offices in Toronto hired back 98 percent of their articling students. Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer , celebrates the success of Diversity Lab's OnRamp Fellowship, a reentry program for women lawyers, now in its fifth year of operation.

A senior partner at Dentons publishes an open letter on Law. The American Lawyer reports that many law firm leaders are still unsure of how to treat the rapidly growing ranks of nonequity partners and notes that some see them as the "soft underbelly" of law firms. The TaxProf Blog highlights a new law review article that argues the growing number of master's degree programs is part of a healthy evolution of the mission of law schools.

And the TaxProf Blog highlights a new law review article by Jerry Organ, Bernard Burk, and Emma Rasiel that analyzes the impact of the downturn in enrollment on law schools: " Many casual observers of the American legal academy are aware of the substantial falloff in both the number and the conventional qualifications of applicants to law school that began after But few appreciate how widespread and serious its effects have been.

For the vast majority of law schools, those effects have been somewhere between significant and devastating.

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The American Lawyer 's Young Lawyer Editorial Board writes that " transparency is an indispensable baseline to making the billable hour work well. Corporate Counsel reports on the results of " a new global survey of in-house counsel who specialize in intellectual property matters [that] paints a bleak picture of limited diversity and widespread discrimination in their professional world. Corporate Counsel reports that " the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium announced Tuesday that law firm staff who 'devote the majority of their focus to legal operations or business management' can now apply to join its new Law Firm Community.

It Helps to Have Cash ," The New York Times reports on the increase in wealthy families buying extra time for their offspring on high stakes tests through expensive psychological evaluations. The Daily Report explores whether bar examiner's questions about new law school graduates' mental health do more harm than good, and whether they may violate the Americans With Disabilities Act.

This ABA Journal podcast hosts a conversation with a new lawyer about self-care. But Can Startups Redefine the Market? Legaltech News reports that despite the presence of a few dominant players in the legal education space, namely Barbri and Kaplan, " it's still unclear whether the emergence of new technologies and evolving learner appetites will open up new opportunities for startups looking to gain a foothold into the legal education market.

This piece in The American Lawyer questions the value of adding additional associate perks when base salaries remain below the top of the market. News that they misreported data used to calculate their rankings for the edition of Best Colleges. The Wall Street Journal reports that " amid an intense national furor over the fairness of college admissions, the Education Department is looking into a tactic that has been used in some suburbs here [Chicago], in which wealthy parents transfer legal guardianship of their college-bound children to relatives or friends so the teens can claim financial aid.

More on this from The Chronicle of Higher Education. Officials Vow to Investigate ," The Recorder has a follow-up story on the inadvertent release of the essay topics for this week's California bar exam. More on this bizarre story from Inside Higher Ed. More Bar Exam Blunders for the Ages ," The Recorder reports that " the California Supreme Court said Monday it will exercise its authority over the state bar to ensure a thorough and independent investigation is conducted into how essay topics for this week's bar exam were accidentally provided to 16 law school deans Thursday.

The American Lawyer writes about how law firms provide support when their lawyers experience traumatic situations outside the workplace.

The American Lawyer reports on the growth of cannabis law as a rapidly emerging practice area, and the challenges law firms face when they jump into that space. The New York Law Journal reports on remarks made by Tony West, the general counsel of Uber and former general counsel of PepsiCo, at a National Bar Association panel last week: " I'm one of these people who actually thinks that diversity and inclusion is not rocket science… I think it's more about intentionality. The American Lawyer reports that based on recent lawyer departures, including that of the co-founder and name partner, " LeClairRyan's future seems uncertain.

Dream On, Baby ," Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer , argues that law firms' generous leave policies come with little cost because most lawyers are never going to take full advantage of them. And more from Vivia Chen at The American Lawyer on parental leave: " Recent statistics suggest men aren't jumping on the paternity leave wagon with enthusiasm…[and] the rate of paternity leave has been falling for four years in a row.

Legaltech News reports that " more than half of the test-takers recently polled about their experience with the new, computerized exam rated the technological aspects as either very good or good, according to a survey conducted by Kaplan Test Prep. The TaxProf Blog highlights a new law review article that imagines what the law school of will look like.

The American Lawyer rolls out its A-List, a ranking of law firms based on their commitment to a variety of financial and cultural markers: revenue per lawyer, pro bono work, associate satisfaction, racial diversity and gender diversity among the partnership. The American Lawyer ranks the Am Law based on the portion of their equity partnership that is composed of women.

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And The American Lawyer publishes a list of firms that nearly made the cut but didn't. The American Lawyer reports that Reed Smith has announced the next wave of its "associate life initiative" based on recommendations from its associate committee. This Slaw column provides tips for dealing with stress at law firms. The Legal Intelligencer explores what it means for law firms to give up brick-and-mortar offices. The TaxProf Blog highlights a new law review article that argues that legal education must attempt to bridge the law-tech divide and become ground zero for innovation and change.

The Two Sides of the Coin ," Evan Parker, writing for the Legal Evolution blog, uses big data to dissect two decades of increasing Am Law firm competition across 10 legal markets. The Boston Business Journal reports that " a new report commissioned by the state's highest court found that Massachusetts attorneys face major hurdles to living a healthy, balanced life, advising law firms to limit minimum workload expectations to no more than 1, billable hours a year — a target that some of Boston's largest, highest-grossing outfits now exceed. Kathleen Pearson, chief human resources officer at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, and Patrick Krill, founder of Krill Strategies, a consultancy that works with law firms on mental health and substance abuse issues, discuss " the cycle of dysfunction in which terrible-boss behavior is passed down from generation to generation inside law firms " in this Law.

Dan Packel, writing for Law. Slaw provides an excerpt from a recent law review article that focuses on the risks posed by the use of laptops and certain types of instructor-provided notes in the law classroom.

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The American Lawyer reports that one of the takeaways from Working Mother magazine's latest "Best Law Firms for Women" list is that nontraditional law firm structures may provide the key to achieving greater gender parity among law firm partners. The ABA Journal also reports on the Working Mother Best Law Firms for Women list, and argues that in the current market, " successful women lawyers have more bargaining power than ever before.

Legaltech News reports that a new digital internship launched by Linklaters that is designed to improve the diversity and number of people applying has attracted over 2, students from universities. The latest post from the What Great Law Schools Do blog highlights Chicago-Kent's 1L program that allows students who know the area of law in which they would like to specialize to select a more flexible track.

Corporate Counsel reports that new survey research shows that " compliance function employees with a Juris Doctor have a higher median total compensation than those who do not have the degree. The American Lawyer reports that two global law firms have recently hired pricing and legal operations professionals from the client side. The American Lawyer reports that " as firms grapple with high rates of attorney addiction, depression and suicide, many lawyers say in-house departments aren't yet examining their own crucial role in improving the profession's mental health culture.

Corporate Counsel reports that " several general counsel and other in-house leaders are pushing back on attorneys' allegations that corporate law departments may play a larger role in the industry's mental health crisis than they may be willing to admit or even examine. Jason Moyse, writing for the Legal Evolution blog, writes about the most recent innovations taking place in Microsoft's legal department.

The American Lawyer reports that " law firm leaders remain generally confident about the strength of the legal industry for the second half of , according to a survey by Citi Private Bank's Law Firm Group…[although] respondents in the latest survey were less bullish than they were six months ago. This ABA Journal podcast features a conversation with Randy Kiser, author of American Law Firms in Transition: Trends, Threads, and Strategies , who pinpoints why the Great Recession of marked a defining moment for law firms and how the economic shift transformed the legal services landscape. This New York Times Smarter Living column explores the benefits of disclosing a disability during the job interviewing process.

Legaltech News reports that based on results of a recent study that were revealed at this week's AALL conference, the data analytics tools that service the legal services sector still have room for improvement. Legaltech News reports that at the AALL Conference this week, law school educators showed how they've integrated virtual reality concepts into their schools' curriculum.

Legaltech News reports that Thomson Reuters has released an automated brief analyzer " that uses artificial intelligence to provide a report offering potential cases, briefs and other sources that may have been missed concerning the topic. Firms Vie With U.

Shops for Talent ," Here's How Instructors Can Help ," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on emerging teaching strategies tailored to the needs of first-generation students. The American Lawyer reports that as in-house leaders plan for the next recession, " [they] are being advised to look less at what rates they are paying for outside counsel services and more at who they are giving the work to in the first place. This op-ed in The New York Times makes the case for the use of the singular "they" rather than gendered pronouns: " we should use 'they' more freely, because language should not default to the gender binary.

Inside Higher Ed reports on the admissions success that the University of Chicago has had since dropping its SAT admissions requirement: " The number of first-generation and low-income students who committed to attend the university in the fall is up 20 percent…[and] the proportion of African Americans is 10 percent. Women's National Soccer Team and ponders whether in law, like soccer, women must surpass the performance of men to be entitled to equal compensation.

The New York Law Journal publishes its annual ranking of New York law offices by the total number of permanent, full-time-equivalent attorneys. The New York Law Journal provides analysis of its NYLJ data, concluding that " the law firms with the biggest presence in New York mostly continued to grow last year, although average head count growth slowed and fewer firms saw blockbuster growth than the year before.

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