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Playa walks to the end of the building to see if Platinum is gone, but he finds her hanging on to a metal beam. While pleading with him to save her, Platinum learns his identity when he says "My ride or die chick", something he told her back at the house while they were with Gooch.

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Platinum tries to convince him that all of this was Wheatly's plan, and that she'll testify against him in court and sign a confession. Shortly afterwards, Wheatly shoots Platinum in the back, after which he has to fight Wheatly once again. After the fight, Platinum apologies to Playa before dying in his arms, after which he lays her down and remains standing.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A'ight, Crow wants you to stay out of his articles B. That's it. Or we gonna give you a dirtnap! D-Mob's way. Contents [ show ]. Not just with my hair, but my whole life. I think it does take grace to look in the mirror, and love the silver strands I see.

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Love your post. I do not want to cut all my hair off! I have no color for 7 months.. I can be a gray tri!

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I love it! Why not?! Look at calico cats — they look awesome in their multi-colored coats, and so can we! I love your posts also. I am loving going grey. Although I never dyed my hair but I was using henna instead which made my hair turn red and was awfully messy and smelly. My daughter and searches on Pinterest, going through all texts on going grey has made me more confident and happy.

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Thank you! You may want to follow her, as she has some insights on what it is like to transition in India. Thank you for writing this! I care tons!

Who the Hell Wants to be in Platinum? An Illustrated History of Impala Platinum Holdings Limited

That one just drives me nuts! Thanks again for your post, I loved it. Monica, so glad you loved it! I can see how that phrase would also be irritating. Who would NOT care about getting gray hair? I would think it would always feel like a big surprise! I really like my gray hair and care enough to try to keep it healthy.

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Katie, love your journey and your mission. I have only received support and positive comments. But then I only have positive and supportive people in my life. My silver hair has actually encouraged a number of women in my life to join my going natural movement. And I have never ever received so many compliments on my hair as I do now. This journey has been fantastic!

Me, too! Agree with you about hair salons! And I hate the reading selection Going gray is really fun — I recommend it but no pressure of course! Thank you thank you. Finally a kindred spirit. Zondereinde also intends upping the percentage of UG2 reef to be mined and will build a new smelter designed to handle UG2 concentrates working alongside the existing smelter which was designed for Merensky concentrates. Northam Platinum was originally started back in the mids when the former Gold Fields of South Africa set about developing the Zondereinde mine, but then encountered major technical and mining problems because of the depth.

It has now has a much brighter future with Zondereinde finally performing well, while management focuses on the development of new, low-cost, shallow mechanised mining operations.

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Change is happening and opportunities are presenting themselves. Investment, divestment and consolidation are all taking place at the same time. That can only be good for the industry. Pan African resumes the dividend as gold price lift brings flood…. SA mine safety inspectorate warns of increased safety audits to curb….

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Exxaro to build on non-coal ambitions with R1. The industry is getting smaller and will continue to do so, but we see a point in the future where it will be leaner with fewer but healthier companies. Northam finds itself in a position to be able to take advantage of this because of the solid foundation built by my predecessor Glyn Lewis. Hayes seeks to reopen Springbok copper riches. Market misery fetters Botswana ambitions. Hope dawns for broken Blyvoor villagers.

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